Hi! I'm Andrew, the founder of WeSpin. Here's what you'll get by joining WeSpin, in five easy steps.

#1. Every Monday, you receive a meaty email, detailing one growth tactic that you are challenged to implement during that week.

E.g. How to increase merch sales in your store, how to reach that seemingly unreachable label, or how to gain 300 more followers in the next week.
#2. Every other Wednesday you receive a new video lesson introducing a proven concept about promoting your work.

And every Friday – a new podcast, with new ideas on how to grow your music project.
#3. You receive a 24/7 access to the complete & essential WeSpin knowledge base – over 100 video & text lessons (and counting).

You even get virtual rewards for learning more on your own.
#4. You join the WeSpin Forum, which is where you report on your progress, share news with other members, ask questions, and get professional advice.

Even to not related to any of the lessons questions. It's a limited, yet awesome community.
#5. You get exclusive discounts from our partners, members-only monthly Hangouts, and special features. We can release your music on WeSpin Records, too.

I promised to name only five steps, it wasn't easy.
If you like how it sounds, sign up to WeSpin – it's free for 10 days, then only $15/month. We ask you to provide your payment details when you sign up, but won't charge a cent before your trial period ends.
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